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Bill Hudson, artist.  Video Production, Wedding Videos, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Hosting, DVD Production, Writing, Publishing, Editing, Illustration.
Salida, Colorado. Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Artists Bill  & Clarissa Hudson

Videographer and web designer Bill Hudson has been offering wedding videos, videography and video DVD production, web design & web hosting, and graphic design to clients near and far, through his Salida, Colorado-based company, Bill Hudson Productions.

Bill lives in Salida, Colorado — one of the most scenically beautiful rural towns in Colorado — where he shoots video and writes for the new online community News & Video magazine, the Salida Daily Post .

His video and web design company provides wedding videos, video production, web hosting, web design and website maintenance for various clients in Salida and Pagosa Springs, Colorado and neighboring communities.

You can contact Bill at 970-403-9793 or via email:

About the Artist

I moved to Alaska in 1971, as a teenager, and worked at a couple of unromantic, dead-end jobs before starting my artistic career as a musical instrument maker, building over 50 instruments including flutes, harps, Appalachian dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, and African mbiras.  Around the same time — and mostly to support my musical instrument making — I started painting signs for friends, and eventually signmaking and graphic design became my new career. I soon found myself specializing in handprinted silkscreen posters for various concerts and events, including the Alaska Folk Festival.

I also worked for many years, on the side, as a theatrical designer for Juneau's Preseverance Theater, and directed and produced numerous original productions, specializing in family-oriented theater.  In 1993, I moved to Colorado where I founded the Pagosa Pretenders Family Theater to promote the involvement of whole families in creating original plays. With my former partner, Clarissa Rizal, I created a number of collaborative public art installations for buildings in Alaska.

Today, I am working mainly as a web designer, video producer and as the publisher of two daily news and video websites: the Salida Daily Post and the Pagosa Daily Post.

You can click here to print out my 2013 Résumé.

Formal Education: Stanford University

2004-present: Owner/publisher, &
Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Salida, Colorado
Online community news & video magazines; writing, video production, photography

1978-Present: Owner/artist, Bill Hudson Productions
Juneau, Alaska; Pagosa Springs Colorado; Salida, Colorado
Poster design; graphic design; signage; logos; web design & hosting; wedding videos; video production; video editing; DVD creation; web video production

1978-present: Professional folk/rock musician
Juneau, Alaska; Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Salida, Colorado

1994-2004: Director/producer/set designer, Pagosa Pretenders Family Theatre
Founder, director, set designer for family-oriented community theater group

1980-87: Theatrical Set Designer, Perseverance Theatre: Juneau, Alaska
Design and creation of large mainstage sets for theatrical productions

1989-2008: Co-owner/artist, Hudson Hudson Productions: Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Large public art sculptures for several Alaska businesses and organizations, created in collaboration with artist Clarissa Rizal.

Artist Bill Hudson lives in Salida, Colorado, and specializes in Weddings, Wedding Videos, Web Design & Web Hosting, Video Production, Wedding DVDs, Publishing, Editing, Theatrical Design, Directing, Marketing, Consulting, Sculpture, Paintings, Collages.

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